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How to excel at job interviews

Interviews are very often an integral part of employee selection process. Be successful at your next job interview by following these tips.

Research about the Organisation/Job Position you are applying for

Before any job interview always find out about the organisation, its products, problems and competitors. Know the industry trends

Familiarize yourself with vision and mission statement of the organisation as it will give you a glimpse of its values and how it wants to be represented to the public.

It is also important you know the skills and personal qualities required for the job you applied for to enable you put up the argument as to why you should be hired.

Visualize the Interview

Going for an interview can be quite a nerve-wracking experience no matter how well qualified, or experienced we are.

Visualize in yourself confident, articulate and successful at the interview. Mental preparation in advance of an interview is very key.

Dress for Success

Remember the saying ‘Dress how you want to be addressed’. Knowing you look your best for an interview creates confidence. Wear clean, well pressed clothes that fit and don’t put on a lot of accessories and jewelry.

In a nut shell, dress neatly and conservatively

Review Common Interview Questions

Each job interview may be different but there are standard questions that arise. Take time to review typical interview questions as this will help give you a framework for your responses.

It will also calm your nerves as you won’t be scrambling for an answers while you’re in the hot seat.

Arrive in good time

Never arrive late for an interview. Ensure you get to the venue at least ten to fifteen minutes to the interview to allow yourself settle in properly.

This will give you time to put your thoughts together and go over answers to possible interview questions you have put down.

Maintain A confident body language

Do not lean back, fold or fidget with your hands during an interview. Sit upright and maintain good eye contact.

Remember it’s not always what you say that matters but how you say it .

Answer Questions Properly

Take time to think before answering any question so that you can give a good response.

Speak very clearly and with enthusiasm to show you are confident and really interested in the job.


Take hold of the above tips in order to excel at your next job interview. It does not matter how good your grades are, your performance at a job interview goes a long way in determining whether or not you get the job you applied for.

Author: Aguolu Kenechukwu Chizoba

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