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How to retire comfortably

The dream of a secure, comfortable future especially in retirement is all that keeps some of us going through the daily grind of our work life. Fantasies of a round-the-world cruise, traveling and enjoying the good things of life is high on many people’s wish lists or being owners of multiple chains of business really make work endurable.

Achieving the dream of a secure, comfortable future in old age is much easier when you plan your finances early. The stark reality is that putting something aside for old age is an unavoidable necessity. Retirement can become a nightmare if you are not paying attention now. It is important to have a clear picture from the outset about how you’ll get on and keep living your best when you’re no longer in the working class. It is never too early and never too late to think, plan about your future and take necessary steps in securing it.

Here are some few tips to help set your retirement plans in motion.


The earlier you begin keeping away money, the brighter your long-term financial outlook becomes. Saving even a little money can really add up if you do it consistently. Consider ways to free up more money to be saved by reducing discretionary spending and putting retirement ahead of other competing goals. Even if you can’t set aside much, the key is to start saving sooner rather than later to give your retirement account time to grow. Small amounts of money over a long period of time with a good rate of return will equal a lot of money.


Some employers have a private gratuity or retirement scheme that their staff can key into when they stop working for them. They deduct a part of their staff’s pay and remit it to a pension firm towards retirement in addition to what they as employers too have to contribute. You may also consider opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) if your employer does not offer one. Get a pension plan that works for you.


Couples should align their retirement goals. This will entail  having discussions to determine things like :at what age both of you want to retire, what sort of lifestyle you want and where you want to live in retirement . It is always better when you’re on the same page. You will be able to work together to reach your goals. This isn’t cast in stone, life changes so may need to update your plans over time.


Build /acquire houses. Such investment would definitely turn into great assets in the future. If you own more than one house, you would apart from not paying rents for your accommodation begin to earn additional income from the rents accruing from your personal house/s.  Engage in purchasing and investing in only genuine land acquisition. Such investments would appreciate over time and you will enjoy the ever-growing proceeds.

Also, folks who have their hearts set on comfortable retirement and financial independence may find that owning real estate has become a key component of their financial plan. It is more than just finding a place to call home. Real estate can create large sums of income and secure financial independence at the long run.


This will set you on a good track for the future and reduce over dependence on your income or pension. You can consider investing in stocks and shares purchased in viable and progressive companies. The investments might be small initially, but over time it would accumulate and increase to meaningful holdings in the future to yield you ample dividends.

Preparing for retirement as early as you can will give you a better shot at living out your golden years in comfort. Just like the saying, “a journey of a thousand miles start with the first step”.

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