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How to overcome fear

He that has not overcome fear is in bondage. Living in fear will halt your success and prevent you from enjoying life.Here are steps to overcoming fear:


Before you can solve any problem, you have to first of all be aware and accept it exist.Same goes for fear,you have to recognize  it exists  and that it prevents you from living life freely.

Know what your fears are.

Secondly,you have know what you are scared of before you can work towards overcoming it .People are scared of different things . Fear of failure,Fear of public speaking etc.

 Practice Positive Thinking 

We are responsible for what we think about. Your thoughts can make or break you. Always keep positive thoughts as it attracts success.Programme your mind to always think sucesss and don’t give attention to fear.

Use Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are statements said to reprogram the mind. Use positive affirmations to counteract  negativity and fear. Using them daily will gradually make you someone who is fearless . Use the following affirmations:

I like myself

I fear no one.

I am a goal getter.

I am a confident person

I am bold

I am an action person

Practice Visualization

Visualization is greatly recommended for tackling fears. Imagine yourself doing does things you fear confidently and freely. Imagine yourself being free and at ease in those situations you dread.  By visualising yourself being relaxed and happy,you will be able to calm your mind and body .

Face your Fears:

Finally, face your fears. The more you face them, the more they fade. Do what you dread to do frequently and over time the fear will disappear.

Author: Aguolu Kenechukwu Chizoba

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