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Five kinds of people you should not keep as friends

You have to be cautious of who your friends are if you want to be successful. Here are five kind of people you should never keep as friends.


Pessimists see impossibility in almost everything and always have reasons why things cannot work.

Your mind feeds on what you see, hear and read ;hence do not deceive yourself saying that you can keep pessimists as friends but ignore what they say. You will only end up developing a negative perspective towards life.

Surround yourself with positive people who see possibilities in everything.


Lack of ambition results in failure

Unambitious people either have no goals or have goals that do not motivate them. Do not hang around them with the intention of trying to make them change . Give your advice and move on.

The kind of friends we keep determines how ambitious we become.


Chronic liars lie out of habit or because of some ulterior motives.

Keeping friendship with them is detrimental because they cannot be trusted and will most often feed you with only false information . They are very deceptive and are sure to lie about you to others.

There is no friendship without trust.  You will be better off without having chronic liars in your life.


The manipulator is always out to take advantage of people under the pretense of friendship. They may sometimes be difficult to identify as they act very friendly but always have a hidden agenda.

Manipulative people are only out for what they can gain and  like the win- lose situation. The moment they cannot gain anything from you,they will move on and look for another prey.

Only keep friends who are not selfish and believe in the win- win situation.


Gossiping is a despicable act as it a lot involves disparaging conversation about other people.  It is a habit of the insecure and people who lack character.

Gossipers are fond of spreading awful rumors and enjoy bringing people down.  Even their friends are not exempted from their gossip.

The best way not to get involved in gossiping is to avoid people that engage in it. Your friends should be people who discuss ideas, opportunities and are interested in other people’s success.


The friends you keep will either make or break you. Choose them wisely.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn,


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